Thursday, December 30, 2010

ZooLights 2010

This is our second year going to ZooLights, Lincoln Park Zoo's annual holiday light display. The zoo is open late so you can enjoy the lights and visit the animals, some of whom are more active than usual.

The first animals we visited were the penguins, who were looking very regal indeed. The reflection of the foggy glass through my camera lens created a glorious glow around this little guy.

If you notice, the one to his right is molting, which looked pretty uncomfortable for him.

Most of the lights were really impressive, but there were some animal designs we had trouble with. For example, there were very clear lions, lizards, etc., but this one kind of had me stumped.

I said, "It looks like a fox?" to which Dave replied, "Or a beetle." I think in the end, we decided it's probably a tiger, but I'm still not 100%.

We met up with Mike and went to the lizard house, which strangely had some desert mammals as well. We found these little cavies, which are something between a rabbit and a kangaroo.

It was very temperate out, but we were soon ready for dinner - Raj Darbar in Lincoln Park! Afterward, we went to a fun white elephant gift party hosted by some law friends. The theme seemed to be gifting booze to each other, and Dave and I went home with a bottle of wine and a lot of cheese. That was pretty much the end of the holidays for us, and a good season it was.

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