Monday, December 20, 2010

Some photos of the new home

Well, moving in has been a slow process, made slower by (1) Dave's business trip and (2) prepping the condo to rent, but we're starting to make some headway.

First, the bunny is having no trouble with the stairs. I keep meaning to get a video of him going up or down, but he does it too quickly. Soon, soon.

We're also getting the kitchen in order with some intra-cabinet organization and counter-top maintenance. I have never had a granite counter in my life, so I'm learning all about caring for this beautiful, solid, and surprisingly finicky material. I determined that the counter needs sealing (we have no idea whether the renovators sealed it or not, and based on water tests, I think not), so we cleaned, sealed and buffed the counter yesterday. This was not hard, but you just have to be really careful with granite because you can't use any commercial cleansers (except pH-neutral specialty stone cleaners).

Here's our tiny new microwave (0.7 cubic feet, just enough to reheat leftovers and heat water for tea) and my lovely cobalt blue canisters.

Here are my grain canisters in the corner, along with some lovely winter squash.

And here's one of my favorite new items: my double-tiered lazy Susan spice rack. Just like my mom's!

We also got a pull-out garbage & recycling container yesterday, as well as some pull-out racks for my baking stuff, which is going into a deep & narrow cabinet that I can't really reach into very easily otherwise.

I've become more comfortable with cooking in the new place, although both Dave and I are still working on remembering where everything is. I'm getting more ideas as I go, and it's been fun to figure out how to make the most of my kitchen space.

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