Thursday, August 19, 2010

Max's nook

So, for a while, Max has been cute enough to surprise (and sometimes terrify) me by leaping up onto the couch to settle next to my leg. Sometimes I can see it coming, and sometimes I can't. Let me tell you, when you're relaxing with some TV, not much is scarier than seeing an airborne bunny soaring toward your face from halfway across the room.

Still, it's pretty cute that he's still this attached to me. He doesn't fit next to me on the couch as well as he did when he was a baby, but he settles in and I'll pet him and hold his little paw (as at right). It can be kind of annoying to have an enormous bunny on my lap while I'm trying to type or crochet, but oh well. That's the price of essentially having a dog in bunny form.

If the vague birth date given to us by his Russian breeders is accurate, his birthday has probably already passed this month. That means my little boy is a year old already, and in October we'll have had him for a full year. How quickly time passes! (And how quickly my bunny-dog arrived at the 15-lb. mark! Yikes!)

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