Friday, August 20, 2010

Around the loop in summer

At the Daley Center farmers' market yesterday, a judge at work bought flowers for all the women of the office. I think that you'll agree that this sunflower variety is fairly stunning.

I just keep staring at it and touching it. I wish I could keep it forever.

And today I got to attend an Alliance for Women event with Attorney General Lisa Madigan as a speaker! The event was in Jenner & Block's new office, which has some beautiful views indeed.

Madigan spoke to us about women in government, which was interesting for me because I think working for the government, and particularly the attorney general's office, s something I'd like to do for the long term.

Pretty cool views, indeed.

I was even able to take some brownies back to the office to share. Thanks, Jenner! It almost makes up for the fact that there was a really insane call today and yesterday; I've been looking forward to this nice, quiet weekend.

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