Monday, May 31, 2010

Rained out of the Volo bog

Well, we tried to go for a nice hike this morning, but unfortunately we got rained out. Of a bog. So, you can imagine that we got a little wet.

I wanted to go for a long hike today, so we picked the Volo bog, which is a big, long hike over partially shaded trails. I guess I was thinking it would be nice, sunny, and hot like Saturday and Sunday. Things looked nice when we left, but by the time we got there, it looked like this:

First we went to the nature center, where they had nice dried plants and stuffed dead things. This is not something you'd want to see coming at you in the wild:

After perusing the nature center, we walked over to the bog trail, which is a little wooden, raised plank trail that keeps you out of the bog.

The bog was pretty wild. We saw some happy frogs and heard lots of happy birds.

By the time we got about halfway through, the rain started to really come down. We had to cover ourselves with the umbrella and swat off mosquitoes the whole way back.

I'm thinking the best time to see the bog would be very early spring, before the bugs are really out. Probably a nice windy day. Anyway, the flowers and foliage were really nice this time of year. The whole place was just so intensely lush, it felt like a rainforest.

At any rate, we left without doing the rest of the 5-mile hike, but at least we get to have some classic Memorial Day fare for lunch: pork brats and mustard potato salad! Even if it isn't sunny, it just isn't Memorial Day without some seared meat and goopy side dishes.

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