Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Herb update

Just a little update: today I used up the rest of my pots, and plenty of my organic soil, planting more herbs. The basil I planted yesterday is in the upper pot in this picture; mint is on the left front, and two types of tarragon are in the front right. I also planted some rosemary, which is on the porch (because it's able to withstand colder temperatures).

The mint is funny, because a friend told me it's invasive, and she wasn't kidding. I went to numerous websites, the funniest of which indicated that even when you plant it in a pot, you have to make sure the mint won't "escape." This is the best mental image I've had all day.

I bought two types of tarragon because there was Texas and French. I already prefer the French tarragon due to name and origin, but who knows, maybe the Texas tarragon will surprise me. I'll keep everyone updated on which one tastes better.

Looks like my herb garden is complete for this summer!

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