Sunday, May 23, 2010

Softball game #1: Us vs. hipsters

As the title of this post suggests, today was my first softball game with the Fighting Pacifists, and I'm sad to say that we lost to a bunch of hipsters.

Still, we had some good innings, and I know we all got some good exercise. Not to mention that we all sweated enough to fill some five-gallon drums.

I got on base a few times, and I played catcher for a few innings. I was having fun, although there were a few close calls that I might have been able to stop if I had tried a little harder. It was tough, because I hadn't practiced as a catcher at all.

In the last inning, it seemed key to stop the other team from getting any more runs, so I was told to sit out to let someone "good" cover home base. It's always nice when a teammate gives you a confidence boost like that, especially in a just-for-fun rec. league game against a bunch of stupid hipsters.

Anyway, despite the extreme heat, we all survived, and mostly my teammates are really positive and supportive. Shannon, for example, is a one-woman, all-purpose coach who yells various suggestions from (and to) basically any position on the field. She is amazing! I told Mike I would bake him a cake of his choice if he hit a hipster in the face with a softball, but I may have to bake Shannon a cake just because she's Shannon.

Next game is weekend after Memorial Day, and we should have some team shirts by then. Go 'Fists!

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