Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Couch to 5K

I signed up to run the Race Judicata 5K this July, and since I am not a runner, I am going to copy the Couch to 5K running program. Luckily I am not exactly starting at "couch" - I've been doing weight training, cardio, and yoga nearly every day for five months. Still, I hate running.

I was surprised that the program was 9 weeks. I was a little embarrassed to have to be training for a 5K at all, but my fitness ego was assuaged to learn that quite a bit of training is required. I hope this will also help me lose my last few pounds, and also get a little more in shape for softball.

Being that the program is 9 weeks, I am actually starting in the middle of the first week now, so I'm glad I started training. I did weights yesterday, so that means running today, tomorrow, and Thursday to make sure I get my three days of running into the first week. I was supposed to do twenty minutes of alternating jogging and walking (60 sec. jogging, 90 sec. walking), but I accidentally did the opposite. I guess that's a good sign for my fitness, though not for my ability to follow directions.

Incidentally, if you want to run a 5K this summer, the Race Judicata is a totally cool race (Grant Park & Museum Campus) for a very worthy cause. The race benefits Chicago Volunteer Legal Services, for which I have worked on pro bono divorce and guardian-ad-litem cases. (If you are not a lawyer, I should also tell you that the name is a cute pun on a legal term, "res judicata.") At any rate, if you decide to run the race, let me know and Dave and I can meet up with you before or after. Here's to getting fit!

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Dave Musser said...

Woo! Another downtown race with alcohol at the end! Sometimes I swear you attorneys know what you're doing.