Sunday, March 07, 2010

Winter farmer's market

Today Dave and I went to a farmer's market in Oak Park, and it was much worth the trip. It makes me remember delicious summer and fall bounty, and I'm excited for the farmer's market (and my CSA!) to start up again.

Dave and I picked up some Italian herbed cheese curds, as well as a huge bag of wild mushrooms. I am going to make two mushroom-centric Ina recipes to honor this amazing bag of fungi: cream of wild mushroom soup and wild mushroom risotto (not available on Food Network website). Soon to be posted on my food blog.

This week should be pretty busy, but I always have time f
or Ina.

We also stopped by the Chicago Botanic Garden for a volunteer fair. I had really wanted to volunteer on weekends this summer tending the garden, but apparently they only do that during the week because the horticulturists don't like to come in on weekends. (You can volunteer at the visitors' center, etc., but I and others around me had only really wanted to do outdoor garden work.)

Needless to say, I wrote a letter to the Chicago Botanic Garden basically advocating for a weekend volunteer program in the gardens. Fingers crossed!

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