Thursday, March 11, 2010

Welcome to County!

Well, it finally happened - I got a job. And not just any job, pretty much my dream job.

I will be working as a clerk for an administrative appellate judge in the housing section of the Cook County Circuit Court. I'll be doing legal research, memos, summarizing cases, assisting with procedural things, and maybe even some assistance with opinions. I'm really excited!

For a while, I've known that working in a judicial clerkship would be my ideal position, and the judges I met all seemed very friendly. I probably have at least another week in my current position reviewing documents, although this assignment is winding up anyway, so the timing is pretty much perfect.

Oh, and I can still do pro bono and part-time case work on my own! That is, anything but county housing cases. Dave is taking me out for tapas and sangria tomorrow night to celebrate the end of my near-year of un/under-employment!

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