Friday, January 08, 2010

Max-imum growth

I got some awesome new photos of our big boy, Max, so I thought I would share. Here he is, at right, cuddled up in the corner. He spent the better part of the day today like this - in the corner or under the dining room table.

Of course, he follows me around, but I was baking during the afternoon, so he slept pretty much the entire time. I thought he was sending me evil looks at one point. Maybe bunny wants bread?

While he still fits under the table - thank god - he's starting to get a little too big for some of his old favorite spots. He barely fits under his open door now, and also under some of the chair legs.

Unfortunately for him, he may be getting too big for one of his favorite pastimes: eating hay, face-first, out of the bag.

Look at that bunny butt. I don't know how I get any work done around here!

1 comment:

Dave Musser said...

If he had his way, he would be perpetually in that bag. That might even be his idea of bunny heaven.