Saturday, January 02, 2010

Colorado, Day 7: Flying home

There's really not much to report from day 7, since we spent much of it at the airport, but it is worth sharing that our hotel was within view of Pikes Peak (above).

And it is worth sharing our airplane, which was adorned with photos of baby foxes. (Our plane to Colorado had a wild bunny!)

All of Frontier's planes have wild animals. Apparently there must also be a plane with a snow bunny on it, because this photo was gracing our gate. Kind of reminds me of Max, especially since the photo was three feet tall.

As I said in the last post, it was a blast of a vacation and we were sorry to leave, but it was time to go home. We were still quasi-sore from skiing, and we need recovery.

Despite my fear of steep hills, I got fairly decent at skiing by the end of our last day in Beaver Creek, and I look forward to cultivating skiing (and maybe other winter sports) as a hobby. Of course, we can't always go to the high slopes of Beaver Creek, so we'll have to settle for Wisconsin. Sigh...

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