Monday, January 11, 2010

Good news from the doctor - and needles

I went in for my yearly exam today, and my doctor was really pleased with my health. In fact, I received extra praise because I have officially lost 30 pounds. It's kind of unbelievable to throw it out like that - I can't believe I had that much to lose, but I did.

She also tried to give me a cholesterol test, just because I've never had one and she wanted to make sure I'm OK, but the nurse couldn't find my vein. After a minute of poking, she gave up, telling me to drink more water next time so my veins will be "nice and juicy." After almost throwing up, I agreed, although I really don't have any intention to go back anytime soon. I eat healthy and I'm still young, so I think I'm going to hold off for a while.

I'm going to treat myself to some TV and crochet to get the nasty thoughts of needles out of my mind. As I drove away from the doctor's, I repeated to myself: "My body is whole and unviolated, and nothing pierced my skin. My blood is flowing free and clean inside my body!" It calmed me down a bit. When I told this to Dave, he said that I'm helping him understand how needle-phobic people think.

Yuck. Again, I'm trying to focus on the positives from the visit - a 30-pound weight loss and a clean bill of health! Hooray!

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Dave Musser said...

Poor Val... I have a whole new awareness of what trypanophobiacs everywhere experience after hearing her talk about it. I had no idea how elaborately nightmarish a description of a needle prick could be!