Monday, January 11, 2010

Celebrations all around

Last night we met up with some friends to celebrate a few occasions: Burt and Linda's engagement, Kelly and Krista's moving in together, and Dave's birthday. And Faron returning to Chicago!

We had dinner at Treat in Logan Square, and it was amazing. It's an Indian fusion restaurant, and we had lots of delicious samosas and curry-infused dishes.

Burt and Linda got engaged over the holidays, and they make such a cute couple. Everyone's excited for their wedding next year!

It was Dave's 28th birthday, and Dave got some awesome curry gnocchi. I ordered the pork chop special, which was covered in Indian spices. Mmm.

I'm going to do Kelly and Krista the service of not posting the pictures of them, because Kelly's got a wince in one and Krista is giggling in the other. However, we did visit their new apartment after dinner, which was right down the street.

The kitties are doing well, although Clem (below) appears to enjoy Krista's footwear. He completely destroyed these flip flops! I think Krista needs to figure out something that he loves, and then destroy it. (Or maybe I don't understand cats...)

It was an awesome night, although I was silly and forgot my peasant bread at the restaurant. Oh well - everyone will have to get bread some other time! However, this morning we enjoyed a home-made blueberry buckle with Burt and Linda, so I guess my bread-making wasn't a total loss.

Happy birthday, Dave! Enjoy your new Google phone!

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