Thursday, December 31, 2009

Colorado, Day 5: New Year's Eve

On New Year's Eve, day 5 of our trip, we relaxed in the Christie Lodge, where we had been staying, courtesy of Jamison's kind grandparents. We went in the hot tub one last time, played ping pong, and tried to ease the aching of our sore muscles.

The Christie Lodge was a beautiful place to stay, and we had a nice, comfortable room. The lodge has an open-air, sky-lit interior where you can relax in hot tubs. (There is also an outdoor pool, which we found a little too daunting for our weather.)

While Jamie and Julie were in the hot tubs (you can see them in the foreground hot tub, at left), Dave and I played a bit of ping pong, which we had been playing at his cousin's in Atlanta for Christmas. After they got out of the hot tub, they joined us for a quasi-tournament of ping pong, which Dave clearly won (although we did not keep score).

To celebrate New Year's Eve, we went to the Beaver Creek resort again for drinks, a torchlight ski-down, and fireworks.

High-level skiers and instructors skied down the mountain at night with glow sticks and flares. We watched from the comfort of a bar, where we enjoyed some beers and hot chocolate drinks.

After the fireworks show, we had dinner at The Dusty Boot, where we all ordered delicious, packed burgers. Julie's chili burger exploded on her plate, and Jamison got the double diamond burger. Leave it to Beaver Creek to have a ski-themed burger!

Instead of going out for midnight celebrations, we just went back to the hotel and watched the various shows until midnight. (Well, some of us didn't quite make it to midnight - I'm looking at you, Jules!)

I said goodbye to 2009, in some choice words that I will not repeat here. I had looked forward to ringing in 2010, and I couldn't think of a more relaxing way to do it.

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