Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Colorado, Day 4: Snow day

I stayed inside all day on Day 3, with the exception of going outside for two delicious meals - a chorizo burrito for lunch and a chicken caesar sandwich from an Irish pub. Seriously, I slept for about 8 hours during the day. Thus, I was ready for our last day of skiing!

This was the first day when it snowed during our trip, making the slopes much better (and probably safer). However, it was still tough to see.

This is the view from my lunch seat at McCoy's, where I had more delicious chili. I enjoyed skiing on the bunny hills all day, where I found new routes and had fun stretching out my muscles again.

After hanging up our ski poles for the last time, we went to Vail for dinner and shopping. It was still snowing, and we had some delicious burgers and garlic mashed potatoes in Blu's Restaurant in Vail.

It was still snowing pretty badly, but we had fun marching around Vail, which looked like a perfect little Christmas town.

Shopping was pretty fun, too, as we hadn't done much of that so far in the trip.

Vail is full of cute little art shops, and also touristy shops. I tried on a nice ski cap, which had some creative decoration on it. We had seen many hats like this on the slopes, especially on children.

We took the bus back to Avon and decided to leave the alarms off, for once. Without any skiing planned for day 5, we were eagerly looking forward do some rest.

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