Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New bunny: Max!

After losing Zelda a month ago, we finally found another suitable friend for Moby. Meet Max the Flemish giant, the newest addition to the Sherman-Musser clan.

You might think, wow, that looks like a full-grown rabbit. But no. Max is only two months old - just a baby - and he will get two to three times this big.

I have always wanted a Flemish giant, not just because they are so flipping huge, but also because they have a reputation for friendliness. This was what I liked about Zelda, so we wanted to go with a breed that we knew would be laid-back and friendly.

This little guy appears to be no exception - though he is a little apprehensive about his new environment right now, he immediately relaxes when you pet him.

And boy, does he like food. He ate a chunk of cabbage all the way home from the breeder in Berwyn, and he polished off servings of red leaf lettuce and cilantro in his cage. He's also beginning to enjoy hay, too.

Moby was very interested in his new companion, although the two were a little freaked out.

As you can see, Max is already about as big as Moby, and you can't really tell from this picture, but Max probably has about two pounds on Moby already. Sigh... Keep your fingers and toes away from this bunny while he's eating.

Welcome home, Max.

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