Thursday, October 15, 2009

Maximum bunny

This is Max. He is a whole lot of bunny.

I tried to weigh him this morning, but unfortunately we have no idea what he weighs. Breed standard is about 7 pounds for 2 months, which is what he is, so I assume he is around 7 pounds. What a beast.

This bunny is also a very good eater. Maybe too good. Here is a photo of his breakfast this morning:

Yes, that is two huge leaves of cabbage and an entire head of greenleaf lettuce. It's as big as he is!! Where does it go?! (Oh, and keep in mind that just before this feast was served, he had already eaten two substantial handfuls of greenleaf lettuce and some parsley.)

When I got home four hours later, there was NOTHING left - not a scrap. Not even that white nubby piece from the head of lettuce. Yikes. This bunny means business.

I forgot to mention in yesterday's blog post that I got a good look at his mother, and she looked like a good 19 or 20 pounds. That is about breed standard, and I bet he will be around there.

I let him run around with Moby earlier (during which time he ran into Moby's cage and ate his leftovers), and with all the eating and running, Max has been asleep for the past 30 minutes. I can't get any work done with him in here - he's too darn cute!

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