Thursday, August 13, 2009

Do the dishcloth dance

As you have perhaps realized, in the weeks after the bar, I have pretty much embarked upon a crochet and knitting binge.

My most recent craze has been dishcloths. I've been meaning to try cotton yarn for a while now, and I really like how it turns out, even if the yarn does split a little. I bought a book and made a few sets for family and friends

My first set was pretty much done on the plane to Myrtle Beach and in the first few days of the vacation. It's a variegated set of dishcloths for my friend Laura, who is moving this month.

The second set is for my mother in law, Deb, who has a yellow and blue kitchen and really liked the set I made for Laura.

This set is two different patterns from the book, but I thought they matched well. I'm really happy with how these turned out, too.

You can use these guys as dishcloths, as they are washable, but you can also use them as potholders or trivets. I'm guessing they will end up as trivets, because they seem too cute to wash with, but I'm sure they'd do the job well.

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Deborah Musser said...

As the recipient of these gorgeous dishcloths I have to say a big thank you and concur that they are too beautiful to wash dishes with so I will use them as trivets. They match my french country kitchen perfectly! Thanks so much!