Monday, August 17, 2009

Nautical adventures in crochet

This summer, I have had an interesting relationship with crochet, my favorite hobby. During bar study, I squeezed it in during June and early July. In the last few weeks of the bar, it disappeared from my life entirely. But as soon as the bar was done, I was off running with my crochet hook and yarn.

This post includes a few projects that all have the same theme: the sea. The first three were completed during Bar/Bri, and the last one was completed last week.

The first one is the octopus, which is a cute little guy:

Next is the manta ray, who has a bendable tail and wings thanks to pipe cleaners sewn in:

Because the previous two projects were for my friend's baby, I also made a baby blanket that matched the two colors. The green is the same as the manta ray, and the yellow is the same as the octopus:

I crocheted these items during some really boring Bar/Bri lectures, but they actually seemed to improve my concentration. Here's hoping that the extra concentration helped my bar studies!

The next project is the one I made last week: the pirate.

I made it for Dave because I already made him a crocheted ninja, and he wanted the pirate to battle the ninja.

I normally love the designs from Creepy Cute Crochet, but I was a little disappointed with this one, because the designer didn't add an eye patch or a sword. I have improved the design accordingly, as well as by adding black dots to the skull's eyes:

Note my awesome cutlass:

Yarr! Dave brought his pirate to work and the battle has been joined between his pirate and ninja. Or so I hear.

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