Monday, July 06, 2009

Crochet therapy

The bar studies are really grinding my brain to pieces, so I have tried lately to ease my stress level by making fun crocheted objects.

I have been working on some baby blankets this summer, but this weekend I also completed some amigurumi projects from one of my favorite crochet books, Creepy Cute Crochet. This weekend I made a Cthulhu, Dr. Zoidberg, and a ninja.

The Cthulhu is for Mike, a friend through law school; the ninja is for Dave; and Dr. Zoidberg is for Tiffany, another law school friend. Everyone was very pleased with their crochet creations, especially Tiffany, who carried Dr. Zoidberg around with her during the entire practice exam.

Dr. Zoidberg is not technically in the book - I used the Cthulhu pattern in red and added some clothing (and changed the eyes to be more Matt Groening-esque).

Dave vs. Ninja

Dave brought his ninja with him to work and has named him "Ryu." He also said that he's going to move him around his office before he leaves every night so that his coworkers think the ninja is moving around of his own volition. (I married such a strange one, but I love it!)

Tonight I am going to try to make the Spartan from the book. I feel I can reward myself with some more crochet, since my mind was raped by a six-hour practice test earlier today. But the question is, can I crochet six-pack abs on the Spartan like the folks in "300?" We shall see...

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