Friday, August 21, 2009

New haircut!

This week I have a new haircut! It was getting really long, so I donated it to Locks of Love and went back to my beloved short 'do.

Here's me last weekend at our wonderful French dinner party:

That's the longest I've had my hair in years! And here's me after donating a foot of hair!

I have never donated to Locks of Love before, so it really felt good. The hairdresser didn't want to cut my hair off, because she said it was too long, thick, and shiny. But I said to hack away! When she cut my ponytail, it was like two inchs in diameter - I guess I do have deceptively thick hair.

I'm so excited to have this cut right before Europe, too. It will be so easy to just wash in the sink and go.

Plus, everyone has been very positive about the new cut. Dave thinks it makes me look like when we got together, when my hair was super short in 2003, and I even got a random compliment from the receptionist at a law firm the other day. Yay short hair!

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Sara Sherman said...

I liked your hair long, but it looks cute short as well. It will always grow back, right? Mom