Friday, July 31, 2009


I made another herb garden this year, and now enough of the plants are in that it's worth doing a post with photos.

I bought an organic basil plant from Whole Foods a few weeks ago and planted it in my trough planter. I haven't used any of the leaves yet, but it looks really crisp and delicious.

Thanks to Laura, who gave me some seeds, I also planted chives and sage. They have been popping up for a few weeks, but look at how cute they are now!

The little wispy ones are the chives, and the little oval leaves are the sage. I'm not even sure I know what sage tastes like, I just know I wanted to grow some.

Unfortunately, I had to bring the whole planter inside the other day when some beetles were eating my basil plant's leaves. As you can see, Zelda is fairly uninterested in said planter.

I'm going to water all the plants well today and hope that it rains a bit over the next week while we're away. As I mentioned in the last post, we're heading to Myrtle Beach for a post-bar vacation with Dave's extended family.

I am really along for the ride on this one - I don't even know what damn state Myrtle Beach is in, nor do I care. It is warm, and there is no bar exam there to torture me.

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