Tuesday, July 07, 2009


So, as I said, I wanted to make a Spartan for my law school friend (who graduated from Marion Catholic - where the mascot is the Spartan).

As you can see, he turned out really well, and he's really intricate. The book lists projects at "beginner," "intermediate," and "epic" levels, and he is an "epic." (Not just because of his epic battles, either.)

I took a night off from crocheting, but I am going to bring my baby blanket to class tomorrow. I've got another seven-hour day ahead of me tomorrow, during which I can enjoy more of "what you did wrong" on our practice test. I figure she can't see me through the TV, so I'm fine.

In other news, I made another crazy comment that shows how messed up my brain is right now. I was in the Chicago Kent "Spakateria" trying to microwave some pulled pork for my lunch, and instead I said I was going to "multiply" the pork. WTF?

Only three more weeks...

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