Sunday, July 12, 2009

Summer in the city

Dave's parents are in town because Deb has a library conference, so we have been seeing them in the evenings and showing them some of the best that Chicago has to offer.

On their arrival on Friday night, we took them to somewhere we've been meaning to go for a long time: the Grand Lux Cafe. We had to wait a while to be seated, but that was fine with us, because we were toasted off of the delicious cocktails by the time we were seated. And then, we were seated in the
big, round, window room, which is the best in the restaurant. So no complaints there.

Yesterday we took them to the Italian Village restaurant - one of my all-time favorites - and "Jersey Boys."

Dave is wearing a t-shirt because it was so cold in the theater that he gave me his overshirt. What a good hubby.

Today I would like to take them to Millennium Park, and they want to go to dim sum in Chinatown. I've never been to Chinatown, so I'm excited. The restaurant they want to go to has some very good reviews and some really bad ones, so I guess we'll find out for ourselves this evening!

It's been a nice break from bar study, but I know I'll be playing a lot of catchup next week. Oh well, I guess I should just enjoy it while I've got it.

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