Friday, July 03, 2009

Taste of freedom

This week I have been particularly run thin by bar exam study - I'm not sure if it's just gone on too long, or whether it is actually picking up for July's craziness. Either way, I needed some breaks, and I did manage to find them.

Earlier in the week, I went to the Taste of Chicago with Ed and Laura. It has been kind of an icky week, so the weather was keeping the crowds relatively low. (By relatively low, I mean that we weren't nearly getting tra
mpelled every five seconds, and that we could actually walk around with some ease.)

I got to try a lot of things, both because we shared our items, but also because this year they really seem to be offering lots of "taste" por
tions - smaller portions for fewer tickets.

I had a potato pancake with sour cream; bits of Laura's BBQ turkey leg; Ed's curry fries; a boneless rib sandwich; potstickers; and, of course, a chocolate- and toffee-covered cheesecake slice on a stick. Mmm.

This week I also finished some crochet projects. My college roommate, Tracy, is pregnant with a baby boy, so I made her (and him) a little blanket and hat.

I thought of the brown and blue color combination during a crochet class I taught, where a woman talked about loving blue and brown on her little baby boy. I found the brown-and-blue variegated yarn and decided it was a sign!

The hat looks a little funny by itself; in fact, Dave says it looks like a top hat. However, I assure you that it stretches to look perfectly normal on a baby's actual head. (At least, this is what I am hoping.)

It matches the blanket, too! Hopefully it will be a cute little winter combination.

This weekend promises more work for the bar, but it also promises some more relaxation, too. We've got a law school barbecue tonight, I'm making my dill mustard potato salad, and hopefully we'll get to see the fireworks at Arlington Park. This would be our third year running!

Here's to celebrating America's freedom, and here's to celebrating my freedom in a little under a month!

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