Sunday, June 28, 2009

Strawberry fest

Today was our fourth annual Long Grove Strawberry Fest, and we brought quite a group this year. Contingents from law school and college met up for Indian buffet, then we headed over to the strawberry fest and gorged ourselves for dessert.

Here, Ed is eating a chocolate-covered kabob of strawberries, doughnuts, Rice Krispie t
reats, and marshmallows. Mmm. Dave and I each had one, as did others, and the chocolate strawberry kabobs were amazing as always.

Among the other treats we had were strawberry doughnuts, strawberry lemonade, chocolate-covered strawberries, strawberry slushies, and yes, plain old unadulterated strawberries.

This year was super crowded - way more crowded than I've ever seen it - but we think that was because the first two days of the fest were hotter weather. It was still pretty hot on Sunday by the time we left, but all in all it was a really beautiful day.

Oh, and don't let me forget the "pony rides" we saw in the town square:

Yes, those are Irish wolfhounds and they are enormous. It's hard to get the scale from the picture of them sitting down, but look behind them - that's a little kid, and they are probably almost as tall as that kid when they stand up. It was wild to see three of them in one place, since you can go years without running into one.

We found out this year that Long Grove also hosts an apple fest in the fall, so we'll definitely have to check that out in our typical autumn event-hopping.

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Amanda said...

Call me for apple fest and fall festivities! I love fall fun!