Friday, July 17, 2009

Losing the mind again

Everything that happened with bar studies before July 4th weekend was draining for my mind, and from July 4th weekend until Tuesday, my mind had a little bit of recuperation time. As of Tuesday, it is crazy time, and I can already feel my mind going again.

In the previous six or seven weeks of study, I'd have reading, a lecture, and then one or two sets of multiple choice or essays. Nowadays, there are no lectures, but every day is divided into three parts: a 36-question multiple choice test in the morning, three to twelve essays in the afternoon, and three to six essays in the evening. And on top of that, I'm still trying to catch up on my flash cards.

As of Wednesday, I have completed over 1,000 multiple choice questions. In the past week, I've drained three pens. And today, I did fifteen essays, caught up with four subjects in flash cards, and filled my spiral notebook. (I've been using the notebook for essays since early June.)

I have been trying to stay healthy in the final few weeks; I've been trying to exercise and eat especially healthy, and also to relax as much as possible.

Today I didn't do well in the relaxing department, because I pretty much worked all day (9:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.) with the exception of an hour for lunch and dinner each. It didn't start out well, either, given that the morning multiple choice was real property - my least favorite subject. I got noticeably upset doing the problems, because I don't feel like I'm learning the subject matter. It's the first time I've been that upset by bar study.

Granted, today was a big day of work and catch-up, but still. I won't be doing that much work tomorrow; I plan on going to the farmer's market tomorrow morning, and we're seeing Harry Potter 6 again with friends.

I'm feeling good, but still worried. The bar is less than two weeks away, and that's a terrifying thought. With as much as I've prepared, I still don't feel ready. Then again, Dave just told me that I'm almost 10,000 days old, so I guess what I lack in knowledge, I make up for in experience.


Meesh said...

It sounds like you're working soo hard! Don't worry, all that studying will pay off soon. You're one of the smartest people that I know- I have nothing but admiration for you for all the work you've done in law school. I know you'll pass with flying colors- good luck, sis!! ;)

Dave Musser said...

You've done an incredible amount of work, Val - I've seen how much you've put into this and I'm really proud of all that you've done. It's also a testament to your character that no one you know has any doubts about your eventual success on the bar.

For now, though, just remember that there's a couple of nice vacations waiting for you when you get through with this. Working hard sucks. :)