Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Harry Potter and studying

Bar/Bri class ended yesterday, but I was not going to let studying get in the way of seeing Harry Potter 6 at midnight. It was Dave's idea, and neither of us has ever seen a midnight movie premiere, so we decided to go for it.

Of course, standing in line early hardly stood in the way of my studying - in fact, it provided me a good opportunity to work on constitutional law flash cards away from the distractions of bunnies, TV, and the Internet. I almost finished the subject, in fact!

While we were waiting for the movie to start, we heard a lot of teeny boppers' conversations, which were pretty amusing. Some people dressed up (see my prefect badge), but mostly people were in regular clothes (or, in some cases, pajamas). There was one kid dressed inexplicably in a French flag - we speculated that he's a Fleur supporter, perhaps?

Also, a strange image appeared on screen for the entire hour preceding the film and previews:

We figured out quickly that it was a pixellated image of the Fandango paper bag puppet, but that didn't stop us from being unnerved by his vacant, somewhat threatening expression. Also, it's not so much the puppet in the foreground that's worrisome - Dave noted that if the first puppet doesn't get you, the one with the lipstick lurking behind it would.

Aside from the "pre-show," the movie itself was awesome. I think it's one of the best of the series, if not the best so far. I loved the music and dialogue especially, and this is the first of the series that really starts to poke fun at the whole enterprise.

Of course, no fan will enjoy the plot alterations, omissions, and additions, but I think the movie works on its own. I was really glad I saw it, and I'm excited to see it again with friends on Saturday night.

OK, back to studying...

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Dave Musser said...

That Fandango paper bag will forever haunt my dreams.