Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ding dong, the bar is dead

Finished the Illinois bar exam yesterday - and hopefully I never have to take it again.

Yesterday was 200 multiple choice questions, and it sucked, but it's over. No one's phone went off, which was good. I wanted to steal my pencil, but I think the proctor wouldn't have been pleased.

I had another lunch with the best bar lunch buddy ever, Jen Jen, who bought me a Ghirardelli chocolate brownie. Ohhhh man it was good. It may be the only reason I didn't follow Edward's lead and fall asleep in the afternoon session.

Afterward, I went to More to pick up some flights of sweet and chocolate mini cupcakes, then went to my friends' hotel to hang out, drink champagne, and celebrate.

It was great to be with my friends, and pretty relaxing, but I definitely went through a lot of mood swings after the bar yesterday. I'd go through periods where I was really relaxed and happy, and then I'd be stressed and irritable.

I think my body and mind are still adjusting to being thrown off the legal studies express train. I'm sure my friends loved Jeckyll and Hyde Val, but I also am sure they understand - I think we're all feeling really weird right now. We are running on little sleep and our brains are still firing on all cylinders, even though there's no gas anymore.

Too bad I can't be as relaxed as this thing:

I have missed these furry little things over the past few days of hotel stays downtown.

I am actually looking forward to cleaning up around the apartment today and packing for Myrtle Beach. We're going to be gone all of next week, so don't expect too frequent of posts, but I'll try to borrow someone's computer to upload a few photos.

Today, I am going to go buy some yarn and work on some toddler clothes for some of my friends' kids. I have finished all my baby blankets for this year, so now I get to make fun things for the kids that are already here! And I will work on them while watching amazing sewing and painting shows today on public television. Too bad I missed a Bob Ross rerun yesterday, stupid bar.

Happy wishes to all my friends who took our little quiz yesterday - I guess I'll look forward to sharing more good news in October, when we get our results back. The vast majority of people who took it this week passed it, which is good, because I'm not sure I could do this again.

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