Saturday, June 27, 2009

Double nickels for daddio

I went down to my parents' house today to visit my dad for his 55th birthday! Earlier this year he had commented that I was half his age - 54 and 27. That freaked him out a little bit, so I think he may be happier now that I am less than half of his age again.

We went to various arts and crafts fairs around the New Lenox area, including some garage sales. I bought some cards by Ted Fuka, an artist that paints scenes around the New Lenox farming community. I really wanted to buy this one, a barn I recognized from St. Francis Road that was torn down several years ago.

Dad got a hex sign made by Dolores Quint of Crown Point, Indiana. I really liked it and want to get one for our house someday! Dad also got some tacos and nachos for lunch, so I can't imagine a better birthday meal.

Later we came back home and relaxed with some freshly picked raspberries from my parents' raspberry bushes. I can't believe it took them so long to plant them - we've been talking about planting some since we moved into the house when I was 13.

As you can see, the plants are now huge. Because the berries drop to the ground and deposit new seeds, there are new plants springing up every year. My mom said that when Dave and I get a house, we can have some of the smaller, newer plants.

It was a good day, and nice relaxation time away from studying!

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