Friday, April 24, 2009

A ray of sunshine

Today was my last day at Peck Bloom - the part-time law clerk job I have held since January 2008.

I was pretty sad, because I've done some really fun work and met some awesome people. I even almost got a tear in my eye when one attorney told me to have fun this summer because it will be my "last good summer ever." Hah!

However, it was a beautiful day, and it is hard to be depressed when it is 80 degrees and sunny. It is also hard to be depressed when everyone wishes you well and says such nice things to you!

On my last day, I said goodbye to everyone and took some pictures. I thought maybe people would want to see that famous view I've been talking

Oh, no, sorry, not that view. I meant the one of the Sears Tower.

I spent many hours in front of this computer doing research, drafting pleadings, and writing appeal briefs. While I was at this computer, I helped win a motion for summary judgment and two appeals to the Illinois Appellate Court. Hours upon hours spent here, 31 stories up, gazing out at the skyscrapers.

There is really nothing more peaceful than watching a thick snowfall from this height. This is true even if you are frantically drafting written discovery!

The job took me outside the office, too. I went on assignment to the Markham court house, a West Side mental hospital, and even a Sox game. (OK, the Sox game was not for work.)

I will miss the people, I will miss the work, and I will miss Peck Bloom in general. I hope I enjoy my next job as much as I've enjoyed this one.

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