Monday, January 26, 2009

The beginning of the end

I've finally arrived: it's time to prepare for graduation.

That means multiple headaches in the form of DePaul graduation applications, as well as the Illinois bar. Thanks to first year, I sorted out most of my bar application materials, including searching for long-lost speeding tickets (as well as old apartment addresses and employer information).

I have almost everything sorted out for DePaul - I will have exactly 86 hours at graduation (which is the minimum required), I have all my class requirements completed, and I even ordered my cap and gown.

What's giving me trouble this week? That would be my diploma information. I have to specifically request that DePaul put my middle name on my degree, otherwise it will just appear with first and last names.

Unfortunately, DePaul won't take me at my word that "Robin" is my middle name, despite the "R" on my license and credit cards. Thus, I had to dig up my passport tonight so I can wave it at them tomorrow:

Yes, what a lovely passport photo it is. Hope it satisfies the bureaucrats at DePaul. More details to come on graduation - there will be much celebration and merriment for all.

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Sara Sherman said...

What's wrong with Robin? I'm sure they have seen names MUCH more "odd" than robin. Mom