Monday, September 01, 2008

End of a long weekend

Today we finished up our visit to my parents' house, with me spending much of the day with Jackie working on no-sew fleece blankets.

I think they turned out well! Basically, you take two pieces of fleece, lay them on top of one another, and then cut strips out of the side and tie the strips together.

Jackie picked out a Peanuts holiday pattern, which has scenes from the Peanuts holiday special. I picked out a spiderweb Halloween pattern. We each used a solid matching color for the reverse side.

Now this one is the first piece of Halloween decor in our condo; I threw it over the back of the couch and that is where it will stay until November.

At JoAnn today, I also picked out a candy cane stripe pattern to use for a Christmas-themed blanket. Jackie and I will probably make that one together sometime later in the season.

The trouble with these blankets is that they're so easy! They go by so much quicker than a crocheted afghan, several of which I have laying around unfinished. I need to get on that.


Amanda said...

Where do you store all these blankets? I've been to your there a hidden room we don't know about?

* Valerie * said...

Yes, it's called "drawers."