Friday, August 08, 2008

The uncertainty of the law

Well, I took the MPRE exam today, and it really, really sucked. I mean really. I expected to feel better about the test than this, considering that I aced the ethics class and I have been studying for this for the better part of two weeks.

But, unfortunately, like everything else in law school, I walked out of that exam having no idea whether I passed or failed. Before law school, I could walk out of an exam and at least know that I did well or poorly. That doesn't happen anymore.

There is something really sick about a style of learning and testing that gives you this much anxiety, and then so much uncertainty and ambiguity about scoring. If I did not pass, I not only have to take it again in November, but I have to think about all that wasted time and emotional energy put into this load of crap.

As a friend today said, "If I passed, you'll hear about it; if I didn't, you won't hear from me." Hear hear.

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Sara Sherman said...

You did fine - you passed. You are like me, a worrier. I think I feel if I don't worry about something, it won't go well. I worry, it goes fine. You'll pass this and worry about what's next.
Signed--Your worrying Mother