Friday, May 16, 2008

Chocolate overload

Dave and I are in Hershey, Pennsylvania, for a wedding this weekend. The happy couple is Peter and Camila, Dave's college friends. Dave is standing up at the wedding, which will occur at the Hotel Hershey, a fancy dancy place where I plan to drink lots of chocolate martinis tomorrow night.

We arrived yesterday after driving cross-country through Indiana and Ohio. We rented "Lord of the Rings" on tape from the library, but the book on CD was truly awful. I mean, almost trippy. As soon as the character for Sam's father
, "The Gaffer," started squealing (and skipping, thanks to the scratched CD), we turned it off in favor of CDs. Here is our rocking playlist:
Today we went to the Hershey outlet mall, which was awesome. Some very good deals to be had, and I had them. We even bought The Hershey, Pennsylvania Cookbook at the same bookstore where Major Dick Winters shops!

After lunch, Dave went off with the boys for the groom's bachelor party, and I went off by myself to Hershey's Chocolate World.

Holy shit.

Sweet fucking Jesus.

This ride was like "It's a Small World" in diabetic hell. And at the end of the tour ride, they set you (and about 4,000 children) loose in the largest concentration of chocolate on the planet:

Holy seizure-induced crackpipe, Batman.

I only bought a few Reese's bars and a bag of mint chocolate chips, but I saw people filling up grocery baskets with chocolate. I'd hate to try to put those kids to bed tonight.

Talk about branding a product - this type of exposure is dizzying.

At any rate, I also picked up some Joseph Schmidt truffles at the Hershey World Cafe, because an outlet mall checkout lady recommended them to me. Can't wait to eat them!

Anyway, while Dave is out with the boys, I'm going to crochet and work on my law review paper a bit. (And maybe I'll have some chocolate, too.)

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Anonymous said...

I hardly remember being there when you were 2, years ago. That's where I bought those 4 drinking cups, Reeses, Hershey, Mr. Goodbar, and the other one I can't remember right now. What a fun place. Mom