Monday, May 08, 2006

Southern exposure

Here's me and Dave at his cousin Matt's wedding in South Carolina last weekend! Cute, eh? Check out the white nylons I'm wearing! Oh wait, that's just my paler-than-pale skin.

It was a good wedding, and we were happy to have been there for Matt & Stephanie. I have to say, the most memorable points of the evening were Dave's little cousins Evan and Jeremy busting a move on the dance floor, followed by the delectible groom's cake: a Godiva dark chocolate cheesecake. Mmm...

Also this weekend, I finally got to give my mother in law her blanket, which many people have seen in some form or another (whether in a picture as its finished form, or in piles of plate-size coasters stacked around our apartment).

She loved it, of course — I knew she would, as she tends to appreciate hand-made things. So, now that she has it, I can finally post a picture of it:

If anyone wants the pattern, let me know. It's a monochrome blanket that uses about 12 pounds of yarn, and it's almost entirely single stitches and chains, believe it or not.

So, overall, the weekend was fun and a total success! Plus, it's always interesting to revisit the south. People actually apologize to strangers, and ask politely to pass behind you instead of shoving you out of their way à la Northern style.

Oh, and I started some interesting reading last week that I forgot to mention — I have again picked up Vladimir Nabokov's Lolita and am getting increasingly creeped out as I delve further into this incest-a-thon. Seeing as how I have apparently stolen Jen Jen's copy, I need to finish this and get it back to her soon, not that she's missing it with all her globe-trotting.

In addition to that, I am pleased to say that Dave has begun Mikhail Bulgakov's The Master and Margarita, which is surely one of the most fun Russian excursions into the imagination that you will ever take. Interestingly, when Dave opened my book, my old bookmark fell out, and what a tribute to our bizarre AP seminar musings.

On one side, written in Jen Jen's scrawl: "JEN JEN WILL KILL YOU - Author unknown"

On the other side, in my writing: "Val's Last Will & Testament: Damn you, Jen Jen. - Val R.S."

Needless to say, Dave and I had a chuckle, all the while Dave raising his eyebrow and not really understanding the humor. Oh well, few could, I suppose.

Kill the host.

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