Thursday, May 04, 2006

It's the fun that takes you back

It's been a week of blasts from the past.

First, there was Amanda & Ed's wedding. Not only did it give me the chance to send off two of my favorite people in the world into married life, but it was a chance for all of us "C7" folks to mingle again.

Being around these hilarious people, I suddenly slipped right back into my old role of quote recorder - and there were some good ones. Here are a few from Sunday morning:

"He took the golden rib, and he said, you shall have no other bones before me!" - Burt

"I hate you, grandpa - screw you and your golden sarcophagus." - Burt

"Look, it's a whole stack of out, hillbilly!" - Andy
[Dave glares]

It's always good to be among friends, especially the ones I hardly get to see anymore (which is pretty much all of them). And I like recording quotes - especially nice and out of context.

Then, for our next out-of-context oddity, yesterday I interviewed an applicant for my job, and unbelievably, I recognized her from an advanced French grammar class at ISU! She didn't remember me, not even after I explained that I had buzzed hair back then, but we did have a good laugh and the interview was suitably bizarre afterward. Small world.

AND FINALLY...speaking of small worlds, I forgot to blog the encounter I had earlier this week with that Mecca of Chicago kids' playparks — KIDDIE LAND!!!

Dave and I were taking our bunnies to the vet, which is on North Avenue in Elmwood Park, and sure enough, a couple of blocks from the 290 exit, we pull up next to the park and Dave says, "Hey, isn't Kiddie Land the place you're always talking about from your childhood?"

"WHAT???" I turned my head sharply and my jaw dropped - there was the sign that I recognized so well from many childhood trips, not to mention the ferris wheel we rode repeatedly, AND don't forget the fence my sister clung to and would not let go one year when we were trying to leave.

"Kiddie Land has been where it is since it was the middle of nowhere."

With a history of almost 80 years, Kiddie Land is a truly great fixture on the Chicago area landscape. So here's to you, Little Dipper, Volcano Playland, and Bumper Cars - here's to 80 more years!


Chellequa said...

hahaha i remember doing that!! my favorite ride was the thing with the frogs

does it really surprise you that i would cling on to the fence? im so stubborn haha

Val S. said...

OK I remember the frog thing and I also remember being terrified of it for some reason.

However, guess what it was right next to!


Anonymous said...

Ha Ha, I remember it too, because I had to peel you off!! We were there the minute they opened, and stayed until they closed. I remember telling you, "Michelle, we have to leave, they are turning off the lights & going home!"

Your loving mother....

Val S. said...

I think we should go again, just to watch Michelle do it again...