Wednesday, May 03, 2006

So, what's your sign?

Here's Julie and me either just before or just after Amanda and Ed's wedding ceremony! Thanks, Jules, for these great pictures! (I love our dresses!!)

Two other things happened last night worth telling about - I received something in the mail, and we took the bunnies to the vet.

First, I'll give you the bunnies' diagnoses. Zelda, while on the mend, is still too skinny from her illness and we need to get her weight up. Moby, on the other hand, is far too fat, which we have always known but have never really been able to control (although he has lost about a pound or so since we got him).

He needs to lose another 1.5 pounds, which means we have to separate them during feeding time and have her eat fattening hay pellets, while he needs to lay off the treats for a while. Like, a year. Fat camp in the Sherman-Musser house.

As for the package I received yesterday, it was from Dave's Uncle John, who sent me an astrological chart for my birthday! Here are some interesting exerpts:

"You are careful and precise and come across as a caring and responsible person. Your attention to detail and analytical skills (and probably mental, verbal) is obvious to all meeting you."

"You sometimes insist on opposing or vying with authority..."

"You work well with those in authority..."

"Quite domestic."

"Marriage for convention's sake, if at all, is your motto. Let's not get too personal or emotional."

"You have a sharp tongue and a quick wit."

"Your penetrating mind gets through the B.S. and straight to the bottom line every time."

"A fierce sense of loyalty for loved ones."

"A mother to every animal, child, or needy person."

Well, as you might guess, I agree with a lot of it and dismiss a lot, too. After reading through it, certain statements kept contradicting each other, such as that I shun people and like to be alone, yet in the next paragraph it tells me I need to be around people. (See above remarks regarding authority figures.)

So, the reading is hard to take seriously when it's so vague, especially when it contradicts itself, but it's interesting nonetheless and a lot of it is true, especially the recurring themes of me being described as fiery, loyal, emotional, and yes, even maternal. Fire sign all the way, man.

I don't know about "domestic," though... ;o)

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Deb said...

John sent my astrological chart to me years ago and I loved it but it too was often contradictory! (But then I've been know to contradict myself fairly often!) Once I had the original chart I could then use astrology books to sort through exactly what my chart meant. It is open to so much interpretation that you can always find parts that are true and parts that don't seem like you at all. But ALOT of what you just wrote sounds just like you! Let's see about me.....I'm a triple Gemini (both my sun sign and my rising sign are in Gemini and I have Mercury in the first house!) which translates to "I'm talking and I can't shut up!" :^) Pretty much describes me, right?! But I also like to be alone and read and write so that's contradictory. I'll bring you some astrology books this weekend so you can have fun perusing them and picking out the parts you like!