Thursday, April 06, 2006

Grad School Decision & a Coworker's Resignation

YES! It has happened! I am the proud new owner of a (retired) PartyLite Paris Retro Pillar Tray!!!

I won my eBay auction, and now all is right with the world. Incidentally, I also won an auction for a Paris Retro Tealight Lamp! OK, enough of that.

This week Dave and I are going to send our acceptance deposits to our schools! We've finally decided to go to DePaul (me) and NIU (Dave)! Hooray for higher education!

Also, this is my coworker Michael's last week. He is one of the last remaining artists from the group of six that was here when I started - and last year three of them quit, and he's the fourth. Just goes to tell you something about Fibre-Craft's turnover rate - which is surprisingly high for such a small company.

Anyway, Michael leaving makes me sad, especially since he's such a fun guy, and it makes me think of what it will be like when I have to leave for school. A company goes on without you, I guess, even when your position is as hard to fill as mine is. (How many editor - translator - PR - crafters can you find out there?)

So in a few short weeks, I will be giving my notice at Fibre-Craft, and I will work here until August, when I move on to bigger & better things. It's exciting, and a little bit scary, and I'm sure I'll have more to say on that later.

Quote of the Week:

"I want to be Mrs. Beringer!" - Dave's mom at Beringer Vineyards in Napa Valley

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