Saturday, April 08, 2006

Planning for School & Bunny Money

Lately I don't feel like I've been posting as you ever notice how, when you are actually busy and have things you could be blogging about, you're more busy out there doing them?

First off, Dave and I have sent in our acceptance letters to our respective schools (DePaul for me, NIU for him) and we are all set to head back to school in the fall! Yikes! Very exciting, especially since I found out that the campus is only an 8-block walk from Union Station, where my Metra line ends. I don't know why, but I had been more worried about transportation to school than almost any other aspect of school itself. That will change in my first week, I imagine!

Yesterday Dave and I participated in a fundraiser for the House Rabbit Society of Chicago at a local Baja Fresh, where hopefully we raised a hundred dollars or so for Chicago-area rescue bunnies.

Today we bought a laptop for school! I'll probably take this one downtown with me, while he won't need a laptop as much and will probably use the one we got from his parents' estate sale when he needs one. DePaul seems very laptop-centric, from our meetings there.

Also today is Mandy's bachelorette party! Fun times with the girls...hopefully I'll have some stories good for retelling, but not on this blog! ;)

While I am gone, Dave is going to take Zelda to the vet, because her ear infection has developed into a sort of head tilt, and she's very lethargic. Hopefully my little bunny will be better soon.

That's pretty much all I have to report - I haven't been reading the news much lately (as I was too busy at work this week for surfing the Internet) so I don't even have any political commentary today. How sad.

Quote of the day:

"Since the house is on fire, let us warm ourselves." - Italian Proverb

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