Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Frisco Pride!

Hello again, I have returned from San Francisco, the gay capital of the U.S., and a very fun trip it was!

Some of the highlights were: Muir Woods and the Redwood trees, Napa Valley and wine tastings, driving around the city with Uncle John, shopping in Chinatown, and taking pictures of Victorian homes!

And some of the less fun portions of the trip: Dave getting food poisoning, me getting rejected from Berkeley, and horrible children on the plane ride home.

First, I really should explain about these children. On the way home, we were seated two rows behind this Russian family with three kids. One of the kids was dry heaving like there was no tomorrow, and the other one was screaming so hard, Dave and I are sure the thing must have given itself brain damage.

All in all, though, the trip was great. Uncle John's apartment was amazing, we got to spend time with Dave's family, and I got to dote over Dave while he was all cute and sick. We returned home to find the bunnies all fluffy and happy, and I sold some candles and that infamous clown figurine on eBay.

I am also in the midst of a bidding war with some PartyLite aficionados on eBay over a retired item from the Paris Retro collection. Wish me luck...it ends tomorrow, and I WILL win this one.

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