Friday, April 14, 2006

A big dose of bunny

How bad do I want these bunnies????

Amazingly, both pictures are of real, live bunnies that are about 20 lb. each. The one on the left is Bodmin, and the one on the right is German Giant. My favorite is Bodmin, because he looks like a 4X size version of my little Zelda.

So that was some Easter fun for you — the only kind of Easter fun you'll get from me, considering that I don't buy the whole, uhh, Jesus thing. Well, there's also the craft projects that I did this month for my company! (All the "new" ones are mine. In fact, all the projects down to "Easter Basket" are mine.)

Oh, and did I mention that someone let the cat out of the bag at work, and my boss now knows I'm applying to law school. Didn't think I had any enemies here, though apparently I do.

Anyway, time to go home and pack our boring old regular-size bunnies for this weekend! (Maybe I could feed them a lot and they might get that big...or they'd just get really fat...let's not try it.)


Chellequa said...

omg val i was curious about what kind of link was under "jesus", so i went to it.

how the hell did you come across a site that you can dress up jesus with wizard of oz stuff???

Val S. said...

Don't ask.