Thursday, April 13, 2006

A little piece of Watership Down

Tonight I received my Watership Down production cel in the mail! It's so pretty! Already all snug in its double-mat frame. Cute little animated rabbits from 1978. That's (L-R) Blackberry, Hazel, Fiver, and Bigwig! The piece is a four-layered cel setup with one bunny on each layer, and the detail in the paint is amazing.

Also, some funny news from the ride home that I have to share: I was stopped at a red light and the guy in the car next to me started talking to me! Here's a transcript of the conversation:

Guy: Hey!
Me: Hi...
Guy: How are you doing?
Me: Tired.
Guy: Me, too.
Me: Long day?
Guy: Yeah.
Me: Should have been Friday.
Guy: Totally.

At this point his left-turn light turned green and I waved goodbye. Just a very weird occurrence - I don't believe that's ever happened to me before! I wonder if he was hitting on me, or just excited to have his windows down again, I don't know. Either way...I guess I've still got it!


jpsquared said...

OMG, people do that to me too! I was in the grocery store once and an elderly man came up to me and asked me if the orange juice I was about to buy was any good. Apparently he had been wanting to switch from Tropicana to the Jewel brand (which is what I had) but was scared because he didn't know how it would taste. Lol.

And once, the woman ahead of me in Wal-Mart noticed I was buying some yarn and was like "ooooh, are you going home to crochet???" I was really tired that morning, so I was just like "uhhh, yeah..." which must have scared her off because she didn't ask me any more questions, and I felt kind of bad.

Random strangers can be fun!

chellequa said...

Hey! I like to talk to random people too! Once when we had the frenchies here we were on a bus ride. We were in some heavy traffic, and I guess they started talking to this guy in a semi next to us. They ended up handing him a couple cookies, and it was hilarious.

You gotta be careful, though; there are definitely creepos out there. Once when Patti and I were driving, we got mooned. We didn't just see ass, we saw pretty much everything! It was disturbing=(