Thursday, March 23, 2006


I think my friend Katie might be a vampire...she looks so normal, though...

Katie: My uncle has both canine teeth swapped with the ones in the front
Katie: So he looks like a vampire
Val: Hah! That's awesome
Val: You know, I think Transylvania used to be part of the Holy Roman Empire, which is now Germany haha
Val: Coincidence? I think not
Katie: lol
Val: Hmm...and "Viebacula?"
Val: I'm starting to get very suspicious of your late-night tendencies at this point, Katie
Katie: Hey, one of my co-op friends started calling me that
Val: No, I think it's a great nickname
Katie: So do I, but I'm just saying somebody else came up with it
Val: But did he start calling you that AFTER YOU SUCKED HIS BLOOD??
Katie: Oh, my goodness - I'm laughing so hard I'm crying
Val: Yeah, I hope no one at work asks why I'm giggling alone in my cube, because I don't think I could explain it to them at this point
Val: Hey, we should get together for dinner soon - I'll call Diane and Esther, I'm sure they'll want to come
Val: Until they hear you're a vampire, lol
Katie: Yes, let's meet for dinner...a late dinner...don't tell anyone where you'll be...

Funny, I never noticed her turning into a bat on our sleepovers in 2nd grade...and you think you know someone.

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