Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Why I hate

I used to like The Knot. It helped me with a lot of planning woes, such as budgeting and getting an organized guest list together. It even gave me ideas for hairstyles and bridesmaid dresses, and sometimes advice from their message board brides.

However, the last two experiences I have had with posting on have been horrendously negative. The first post was a rant about a tacky "regift" that Dave and I received for our wedding, and I was jumped on for being a money-grubbing "whoore" who only cared about cash.

The second was today, when I posted the place cards that I'm selling on eBay, which Julie had suggested and I thought was a great idea. For this, I was attacked because they don't like the place cards, they were annoyed that I posted this thinking that anyone would be interested, and that glittery things are stupid anyway. (Keep in mind that one of these posters had a signature of a picture of cats and the caption: "Kitties think outside the box." WTF? These people think I'm wasting their time??)

ARGH! Just because I don't spend every waking moment sifting through posts on The Knot message boards (which deal more often with sexcapades and TV shows than wedding advice anyway) doesn't mean that I can't also use the forum to try to help brides - and I'm sorry, but offering place cards at less than $0.50 each qualifies as helping brides on a budget. Plus, after I posted it, at least one person was actually interested, because now someone is "watching" my eBay item. That person was probably too scared to post and thank me because of the heinous b!tches that rule the boards!

I will never post on The Knot again. It has been a negative experience for me, and I find that it isn't nearly as helpful and wedding-centric as it used to be. And who needs to keep things in their life that are negative?

Life's too short to have insults hurled at you by people - whether they're people you know or perfect strangers.

Quote of the Afternoon:

"Stop posting about your glittery placecards. I've already thrown away my Trapper Keeper form the 80s." - "Annoyed Knottie"
(What does this statement even mean??)

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