Thursday, March 23, 2006

Animal Activist Extraordinaire

Yay! A company just wrote to me and told me that because of my letter, and all the letters they received from PETA supporters, they are signing PETA's policy against testing products on animals! (That's Zelda at right.) Nothing like a little activism to make my day complete.

Quote of the Day:

"I live in a society which supports me in ways I do not fully comprehend." - Dave


The sis said...

I like your blog. I never got into the whole blog thing (surprisingly). You have really cute pics on it! That's really great that you have made a difference for millions of animals with your letter. I wish Zelda could know what she's done to help. =)

Anonymous said...

Vallll, I think you're becoming obsessed with the blog....which means you should read mine!


Dave Musser said...

I'm not sure it's entirely ethical to subject people to the cuteness factor of that Zelda photo. Particularly susceptible folks could just collapse into one gigantic "awwwwwww..."