Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Bunnies, Basil, & Circus Freaks

OK, you knew it would happen eventually - here is a picture of my bunnies! Look at those cuties. They're at their evening "silflay," which you understand if you have read the book Watership Down.

Apparently I am getting really antsy about spring, because I bought another plant. I was at Dominicks and this little basil plant called out to me! Smelling it brings me right back to the honeymoon, when we'd dine out on Neopolitan pizza topped with fresh basil.

Oh, and an update on the scary clown cow figurine - I'm only two days into the auction and two people have already placed bids on it! Guess the mad cow is more popular than I thought...

The San Francisco trip with Dave's family is coming up! We're figuring out things to do, including a day trip to the Napa Valley on my birthday!

I also meant to post last night about the awesome dinner I made, with the new recipe I tried out - Sweet & Sour Pork! Ohh man was it good. And easy! Plus, I even ate a couple of pieces of green & yellow peppers - and they weren't too bad! Guess I need to take some veggie-eating lessons from the bunnies...

Quote of the Day:

Dave on criminalizing illegal immigration: "What are you going to do, put them all in jail? What the hell are you going to do with 10 million Mexicans??"

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