Sunday, March 26, 2006

The Bean & the Fullers

I was looking through semi-recent pictures to use in this post, and here's one of me and "The Bean!" Man, is that thing cool.

So, this weekend I got to have lunch with an old friend, Katie (see post on possible vampire-hood) and I sent a thank-you letter to the Fuller family for a post-Vidette "scholarship" which is going straight to the "Send Val to Law School" Fund. Along with some other Videtters, I wrote a piece for them on encouraging reasons for youngsters to go to college and branch out into extracurriculars.

The Fullers run a scholarship program in the name of their son, Brett, who died a few years before I started at the Vidette. They're a very warm family who should never have had to deal with that particular tragedy, but they have improved the lives of many people.

Other than that, today was pretty dull - just lots of laundry and petting time with the bunnies. I posted some more things on eBay - including a scary clown figurine that may be worth over $150. I'd be happy to get that thing out of the house period.

Quote of the day:

"To get this chance [to practice the Dharma] is very difficult. To be born as a human being is very difficult. Among uncountable sperms and are here. Wonderful chance. Congratulations!" - Soen Nakagawa

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Chellequa said...

aww i never got to see the bean in all it's glory~ it was always at least partially covered when i went=(

and that clown cow always kinda FREAKED THE HELL OUTTA ME!!!!!