Thursday, June 14, 2018

Montreal trip

Dave and I took a trip to Montreal, and the following blog posts are back-dated (as usual) summaries of each day of our trip.

We arrived in Montreal on Thursday and took the 747 airport shuttle directly to our hotel, M Montreal, in the Gay Village neighborhood. I knew that Montreal has a strong LGBT scene, but I was not totally prepared for the rainbow canopy over St. Catherine Street:

The hotel staff was super friendly and showed us around the facilities; I was really excited to hear that they served Fairmount bagels every morning with our complimentary breakfast! We made a note to check out the rooftop terrace, too.

The hotel was a bit young for us - definitely more backpackers staying in dorm-style hostel rooms - but they did have private rooms and I don't think we were the oldest people there, so I guess that's something.

We went out for a quick beer and to check out our surroundings, and I ran into a friend from Chicago, Peter, who was in Montreal for a friend's 40th birthday. The world is a small place.

We had a couple of beers at Renard - our favorite was the tasty red, Renard Rousse by Microbrasserie Le Coureur Des Bois - and went to bed, tired from our day of travel.

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